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Application for Service Connection (New/Additional/Upgrading)

1. LGU (Local Government Unit)
  a) Electrical Plan (concrete) / Electrical Lay-out (mixed/light/indigenous materials) Office of the Building Official (BO)
  b) CFEI – Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection/Completion
  c) Electrical Permit with Official Receipt
  d) COO – Certificate of Occupancy (completed) / TOP – Temporary Occupancy Permit (under construction) Bureau of Fire and Protection (BFP)
  e) FSIC – Fire Safety Installation Clearance

2. ILECO-1
  a) Attendance to PMOS (Pre-Membership Orientation Seminar) conducted every Tuesday and Wednesday. Registration starts at 8:00 a.m. and seminar proper at 9:00 a.m. Strictly NO PROXY. Proxy attendance can only be used once.
  b) Proof of authority (if thru a representative)
    • Special Power of Attorney (SPA) or Notarized Authorization
    • Photocopy of valid identification card of the applicant and representative with three (3) specimen signature which shall be valid only for a period of six (6) months from date of issuance
    • Authorized Representative must be nearest kin of the Applicant
  c) Duly filled-up and signed ASC (Application for Service Connection)
  d) Duly filled-up and signed AM (Application for Membership)
  e) Duly filled-up and signed ESC (Electric Service Contract)
  f) Map/Sketch of location & recent picture of the structure (house connection not in subdivision and must indicate at least two (2) nearest ILECO-1 member-consumers)
  g) If applicant is SINGLE:
    • CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage)
    • Latest 2x2 ID picture (one piece only)
    • Photocopy of marriage contract
    • Latest 2x2 ID picture (husband & wife – one piece each only)
  h) Proof of Ownership:
    • Owners: Land Title/Deed of Absolute Sale/Contract to Sell
    • Successors: Proof of Succession/Affidavit of Heirship
    • Tenants of Privately-owned Premises:
      - Lease Contract/any notarized authorization showing right to occupy
    • Informal Settlers of Gov’t.-owned Properties:
      - Proof of right to occupy
  i) Service Entrance Installation Certificate (subdivision house connection), Completed housewiring and service drop installation certificate, (house connection not in subdivision)

Additional Requirements (for commercial and corporation only)
    • Business Permit
    • SEC Registration

Note: Member master list cut-off is December 31, 2016, applications beyond the cut-off will not be included and not legible to participate on the district election. For more information, kindly reach us:
Email: [email protected] / Contact nos.: (033) 511-81-38 / (033) 
393-12-02 / 0917-314-4006

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